Casa Chierchia – Rome, Italy

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The recommendations are based on my visits to Italy and the hospitality I was shown by the proprietors. Many of them are my cousins, so remember to say Vincenzo from Cincinnati said “Ciao” when you visit!

ChefChierchia Youtube Channel contains converted 8 mm films of Amalfi, Felitto, Rome and other cities and villages in Italy.

Places to Eat in Rome

Trattoria Veccia Roma
Via Ferruccio, 12b / c 00185 Rome
Reservations are required. Contact me and I can call and make one for you.

Amalfi Ristorante Pizzeria
Via dei Gracchi, 12 00192 Roma
A good place to eat when you are visiting the Vatican. Just a short walk away.

Pasticceria Sal De Riso in Roma
Via di Santa Costanza, 29/31 00183 Roma

Video Highlights

Inside the Vatican – PBS

Trusted Transportation

Amalfi Coast

Owed by the cousin of Vince Cerchio. Provides transportation from Amalfi and along the Amalfi Coast.Call +39 338-446-0303 or email

Places to Stay 

Coming soon.

Places to Shop

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Recommended Products for a Taste of Italy
Wood-fired pizza in your own backyard!
Click here for my photos of my Uuni Pro in action.

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